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AH! It is finally on Newgrounds! :D
Now I can happily wait for Chapter 8.

Now that is just plain adorable!

Personally, I love the animations. I would love to see more of her!
Although, I know the pain of those stubborn computer updates, so I can completely understand that feeling after a power outage. >:(

PenguinPotential responds:

Glad you liked it, Jordan! More Aya coming your way soon~ I usually animate her using shorter GIFs and post them in the Art section, so feel free to check those out if you want ^^

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It still has some of the original Hexagon Force charm!

Very nostalgic, and I love every moment of it. :D

It sounds like a Waterflame-esque (not completely, but the violins sound like Waterflame for a little bit) fusion with the original Xtrullor orchestral charm (I might have sounded a bit confusing there). Still a pretty great remix.

Edit: Ah, okay. I'm not very familiar with Edirol and Nexus (I've heard of Nexus, but never used with their products). Thanks for clarifying.

DJ-WaterStep responds:

those are nexus violins the one from orchestra presents the other one is from edirol.

edit: you're welcome

No words, just intense orchestra

Okay, I'll give more: this song has WIDTH (seriously, usually I'd be against drums with so much stereo... but it just works for this song)

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I still need a few moments. Don't mind me… I'll be over in the corner of the room… ;-;

Seriously though, Daft Punk was considered a big inspiration in the 90s to even today. To see such an iconic duo leave the scene brings me a lot of tears.

May the journey of Daft Punk inspire countless more for years to come. As an old star dies out, a new star begins to form. They will be greatly missed.

Quite an interesting take on your usual Age Ratings. Keep it up! :)

Also, my answer to your question for the rating may be a bit ambiguous. While a T-rate will suffice for the presence of the knife, an E-rate would also be sufficient because there isn't any implied violence. (If I were to say, just keep it at an E-rate unless enough people say otherwise.)

Vista-Sound13 responds:

Why thank you, buddy, I am glad you liked this drawing, and thank you for your answer as well, so this will remain an E-rate until popular demand argues!

E looks more easy-going (my favorite by the way), T and M look more relatable, and there is A... doing whatever A is thinking of...

Vista-Sound13 responds:

A is the evil psychopath! Nevertheless, I am glad you liked the drawing, so thanks!

I am a musician who does early-2000s style EDM and orchestral music. I also do pattern-based dubstep (which is considered basic).

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